Influencer Digital Agency

Drive brand engagement through integrated marketing sponsorships and sponsored content with top lifestyle, fashion, home, and design bloggers. With all of the positive progress made in 2016 within the industry, I know 2017 will be a revolutionary year for advertisers. Advertisers now understand that continual brand mentions, endorsements and sponsored conversations by authentic people living authentic lifestyles that the brand can stand behind to be their social voice is the future. More digital agencies are moving towards the influencer digital agency model.

As Influencer Marketing has grown to be one of the most popular, and cost-effective forms of media advertising today, many businesses have already realized the potential that it has to drive both awareness, as well as sales and growth for their business.

Email marketing is the most traditional and effective type of digital marketing. With the beginning of 2018, this trend has been upgraded with an improvised version of customized emails. Reaching out to your potential consumers with personalized emails featuring the various offers and packages provided by your organization is a guaranteed way of increasing lead conversions. For example, if a user has logged into your website and shown interest in your services by subscribing to your newsletter, you can nurture the lead with regular notifications and offers provided by your firm to attract them further. According to a recent survey, drip email marketing provides a 119% click-through rate on authentic emails.

We have a passion for creating incredible digital content. From videos to photography and graphic design- innovation is the key. Our content team utilizes the newest techniques to fuel engaging and strategic pieces for your digital marketing streams.

Once we’ve sourced these people for you and measured their engagement, we liaise with them on your behalf, and activate your syndicate, using industry leading tools and platforms (such as Audisense and Brandwatch) to measure and analyse how your campaign is performing in real-time, with a post-mortem study done afterwards.

Another issue is how to measure ROI. Although influencer marketing has tangible benefits such as bigger engagement and increase in brand followers, the brands still have trouble with tracking return on investment. One way to measure success of each influencer’s campaign is to track purchases using the promotional codes which you give to each influencer respectively. This can help you, but is also not completely reliable. Some people might see the video from one influencer and buy the product, but not use the promo code. Better tracking of results is one of the tasks for the future of influencer marketing.

Founded in 2011, Mediakix is one of the first and leading influencer marketing companies. We are recognized by Inc 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies, and we continue to be one of the most innovative in the space. Our headquarters are a block from the beach in Santa Monica, CA.

We are glad to Partner with the Orange Flower Awards, organised by Women’s Web. The Orange Flower Awards are India’s first awards for women for digital excellence. The initiative aims at recognising women who are digital creative superstars. This encompasses women who are writers, cartoonists, social media mavens, photographers.

The days of campaign-based influencer relations are gone. Quality influencers are seeking out sponsorships that are long-term and provide their followers with consistency and the influencer with enough creative leeway to produce authentic and relatable content on a continual basis by integrating the brand in ways that are authentic to their use and their lifestyle.

The world of social media is constantly evolving – and Everywhere Agency has grown right along with it. A savvy, proactive team of tactical social media specialists, we are story architects who build connections between brands and their target audience. That’s our sweet spot: driving authentic conversations. Our award-winning campaigns leverage the power of influencers and compelling content to create buzz online for your brand and help you communicate more effectively with your customers. If you have a social media or influencer marketing need, we can provide a tailored solution to meet your goals through our customizable services.

People want to hear what influencers have to say. Influencers want to create mutually beneficial relationships with brands. We connect the two and work directly with influencers and networks to create authentic experiences that drive business results. It’s a beautiful thing when people connect with people about your brand.

One of their clients is Blue Apron. They created a year-long campaign, using top social media influencers, to showcase Blue Apron’s food subscription service. Food can be mouthwateringly visual, and therefore Instagram is the perfect channel for a food-based social media campaign. Matt Salzberg, CEO of Blue Apron explains, Customers hear about us from other customers or from social media. One of their friends who cooked a Blue Apron meal shares it on Facebook or Instagram because they are really proud of what they’ve created. Then others go to our website and sign up”.

Most of the literature on influencers focuses on consumer markets. There is less insight into business-to-business influencers. A key distinction between consumer and business markets is that most of the focus in consumer markets is on consumer influencers themselves. This is because word of mouth communication is prevalent in consumer environments. 2 In business marketing , influencers are people that affect a sale, but are typically removed from the actual purchase decision Consultants, analysts, journalists, academics, regulators, standards bodies are examples of business influencers.