Who You’ll Meet

Lots of awesome liked-minded UX & design professionals across industries. We welcome anyone interested in an interactive learning experience to explore current UX trends and where UX is headed.

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What You’ll Learn

The UX Strategies Summit is the intersection of user experience, product, and business strategy. Fuel your team with new ideas, insights and practical takeaways. This year, we’ve broken the event into three themes:

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Justifying Your Time at #UXSS

Pre-summit hands-on workshops

Take advantage of these three-hour hands-on sessions with smaller groups of attendees to deep dive into specific topics. Workshop facilitators are here to answer all your burning questions.


Pick the brains of other UX experts

Our lively events are a great chance to network and gain a fresh perspective on what’s happening in the UX design industry. We chose an intimate venue that will allow you to get to know other attendees – you won’t get lost in the crowd of a massive expo hall. You’ll learn strategies developed by industry leaders like Neil Patel from Quicksprout, Carson Sharein from Webgator SEO Sydney, and Matt Cutts – (former head of SEO Spam at Google).

Educational case studies

Our speakers are eager to share their insights with you – and not just about their successes. We’ll go through the tough stuff too and address the most challenging elements of UX and design strategy.

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Collaboration & Leadership

Achieve leadership buy-in

Design your corporate culture to prioritize successful products

Build and manage a great team to foster creativity
Research & Design

Implement design-driven innovation

Learn strategies for more effective user research & usability testing

Understand prototyping complex interactions & customer journey mapping
UX, Brand & Product

Create meaningful experiences across devices

Drive deeper user engagement to prove business value of UX design

Build and manage a great team to foster creativity Deliver an exceptional brand experience